Vår Mjöbäcksvillan Mardröm.

Website being updated.

Mardrom.com is being updated, For now lets just say ‘‘stay well away from Mjöbäcksvillan’’ They have not cared for us, our home is rotting, the house is leaking, the value is down by MILLIONS. Anxiety and depression has been prolonged and i have nothing good to say about this terrible terrible företag. If you are being charmed at the idea of buying from Mjöbäcksvillan perhaps you would like to see their handy work first. Hear about the care Mjöbäcksvillan talk of in their catalogs. My best wishes to you who think of building a dream home. Please call us before you buy for our review of Mjöbäcksvillan. Alternatively just come and visit. Ricky Barnaby Falkenberg Sweden 0046705828447